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ZER Service

ZER has been a leader in technology since 1994. So he could not have not invested in the service of the products he markets, so he created one of the largest and most complete level 5 service in a new pro space with state-of-the-art facilities, investing significantly in laboratory equipment and human resources that are specialized. on, mobile, laptop, tablet & desktop !!! If you have a technology company, start now cooperating with the ZER service to have the best prices, excellent service, written guarantee in every repair and your head is calm to your customers !! Telephone service 2109273043 email & 28 Years ZER & we continue!

  • Indicatively, we mention some of the most common repairs
      • Change broken screen (Mobile, tablet, laptop)
      • Change broken touch screen (Mobile, tablet)
      • Change charging socket (Mobile, tablet)
      • Reinstalling Software (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop)
      • Software Upgrade (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop)
      • Unlock (Mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop)
      • Liquid Cleaning (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop)
      • Feature upgrade (Laptop, desktop)
      • Microphone, headset, loudspeaker replacement (Mobile, tablet)
    All repairs provide a guarantee of good operation of the spare part for 3 months.