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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you need to register on to make a purchase.

Bank deposit
You can deposit on one of the following accounts of our company:

EUROBANK: GR6502600330000270201067912
ALPHA BANK: GR4301403460346002330000083
NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE: GR1701101530000015344058704

Once you have completed your deposit, you will need to send us your copy of your bank transaction by e-mail to or fax +30 2109011589 with your name, surname and order number.

Credit card - Debit card
1. Order via our ZER.GR online store
You can use your credit or debit card with the guarantee, security and security provided by the payment system of a Greek bank, EUROBANK.

2. By phone at ZER store
You can use your credit or debit card by calling us at +30 2109011588.

In a ZER shop
By cash or credit - debit card.
In all of our stores you can pay with any credit or debit card. It is clarified that if you have asked to receive a receipt from a store, your order will have to be settled.

All payment methods are free of charge.

  • Send by courier
    Deliveries of products within the Greek territory are via the ACS shipping company.
    If you wish to send our products outside of Greece then you should speak with a representative of our company at Tel. +30 2109011588.

  • Receipt from the store
    You can pick up your orders directly from stores without any shipping costs. In this case you should first make sure that the product is available in a ZER shop and your order is ready to be delivered.
    A prerequisite for receipt from the store is your order has been settled.

For orders within Athens and major cities, they usually take between 1 and 2 business days, while for inaccessible areas where there is no ACS Courier shop near you, the waiting period is from 2 to 5 business days.

If you want special delivery terms such as delivery times - specific date of delivery you should speak with our company representative at our phone number +30 2109011588.

Return Policy
The return policy for ordered and dispatched products is valid for the following reasons:

Α) Due to failure to meet your needs
Changes are accepted within 14 calendar days, the original purchase receipt and the warranty accompanying the product are required.
The customer must first erase any data he or she has installed on the device or on storage media.
The company ZER does not have any responsibility for the loss or disclosure of the above data to third parties.
Before the return process is completed, a technical check will be carried out on the product of the return by the company's staff.

Β) Due to defective product
If you received a defective product, our company will replace it with a new one within 14 calendar days of the date of purchase of the product. If this period expires, then the terms of the guarantee will come into force and the product will have to enter service of our company and follow the procedures provided when the products are under warranty.

In all the above cases of changes and in the case of the service, the customer will choose how to transport the products to the nearest ZER shop as it is under his own responsibility, our company accepts all transport companies.

The cost of transporting the products if they are moved by transport companies is borne by the customer.