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ZER Franchise

ZER already counts 3 decades in the field of technology, with difficulties, with conveniences, but always with the right plan, planning and horizon managed to stand out & every year to serve millions of customers in Greece & Cyprus but also every year to add something to its group growing up but also giving dozens of jobs!

Now that our products are located in every corner of our Greece it is time for our millions of customers to be served in their place, in their own city on their own island in their own village .. How ???

But by opening their own ZER store at a cost of € 20,000 to € 25,000 for (goods & store construction) and ZER undertakes the rest, the recipe for success that is low operating, high profitability.


a) Free staff training

b) Free TV viewing on all stations that the group has broadcasts

c) Free know-how, service, on line support daily

d) Free promotion on all the social media of the group and on the 8 sites that the group has for life!

Opening a ZER store today invests in technology and in your future! Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail with your details in order to talk to you and solve any possible question of the guaranteed profitable project !!!


Check out our new store in Elefsina!