Screen Protector Tempered Glass for LG G2
Screen Protector Tempered Glass for LG G2
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Screen protector made of glass that has undergone a special heat treatment to increase its resistance to impacting scratches and other wear. Glass always keeps its transparency and its color never changes. The perimeter surface of the glass has been processed (special grinding) so that the finish of the screen protector does not protrude and be smooth. The product is environmentally friendly and does not cause pollution. It has a special fingerprint protector, and liquids such as oil-water-acids. The screen protector is too thin and keeps its properties even under high temperatures! Perfect fit, easy placement or removal. Perfect response to screen operation. It is strongly recommended to use a mobile phone case in parallel to avoid small breaks at the edges of the membrane in the event of an impact. Even if the glass breaks, the screen and the operation of your mobile will not be affected.
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