HF Sony Ericsson MH-300 Original
HF Sony Ericsson MH-300 Original
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Manufacturer: SONY

Compatible with mobile phones
C702i, C902i, C905i ,D750i,F305i, G502i, G700i, G705i, G900i, J100i, J110i, J120i, J132i, J220i, J230i, K200i, K220i, K310i, K320i , K330i, K510i, K530i, K550i, K610i, K660i, K750i, K770i, K800i, K850i, M600i, P1i, P990i, R300, R306, S302i, S500i, T250i, T270i, T303, T650i, T700i, V630i, V640i , W200i, W300i,W302i, W350i, W380i, W550i, W580i, W595i, W610i, W660i, W700i, W710i, W760i, W800i, W810i,W850i, W880i, W890i, W900i,W902i, W910i, W950i, W960i, Z250i, Z310i, Z320i, Z520i, Z530i, Z550i, Z555i, Z610i, Z710i, Z780i

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