HF Samsung AAEP433 + AARM070JBE Original
HF Samsung AAEP433 + AARM070JBE Original
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Manufacturer: SAMSUNG

Compatible with mobile phones
B210, B2100 Solid Extreme, B2700, B300, B510, C6620, C6625, D880 DuoS, D980 DuoS, E2121B, E215, F110 MiCoach, F200, F210, F250, F400, F480 Tocco, F490, F700, G600, G800, G810, Galaxy, i200, i7500, i900 Omnia, L760, M110 Solid, M150, M200, M3200 Beat S, M3510 Beat B, M8800 Pixon, Omnia Pro B7320, P260, P520 Armani, Qbowl, S3500, S7330, Tocco Lite, U900, S5200 Slide
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