ZER Z300
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ZER Z300
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ZER Z300 is a Qwerty phone for those looking for an easy-to-use device with large keys. It has a screen 2.8" with a resolution of 480x320 pixels.

3 SIM function offers you the ability to install and operate 3 SIM cards at the same time while at the same time has Bluetooth for wireless device connectivity. ZER Z300 also has a loud speaker.
The benefits of the device do not end here as it features a powerful LED flashlight, radio and a large 1400mAh battery.


Operating system: ZER Z300
ZER Z300 has a very simple menu with large and distinctive icons.
Screen: 2.8"
The large screen 2.8" it gives comfort in handling the device while screen resolution is 480x320 pixels.
Battery: 1400mAh
The battery of ZER Z300 is 1400mAh which offers great autonomy even with the use of 3 SIM cards.
Camera: VGA
It can be a single-use device but the ZER Z300 has a main VGA camera so you can take pictures.
Storage: microSD
It has a slot for microSD memory card up to 8GB.
Networks and SIM: 3 SIM, Bluetooth
3 Sim allows you to install and operate 3 SIM cards at the same time, while also having Bluetooth for wireless devices.

Height: 132mm
Width: 57mm
Length: 9mm

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